I don’t need more time

I need to be better with the time I have.

^ That was my exact thought late last year when I read something by someone (probably David Allen) that said: what would you do if I gave you an extra hour?

My heart sank. I knew what I would do.

If we had extra time, we’d do exactly what we do when we find spare time now: fill it with what we do with the rest of the time.

I went from double full time to full time to working every day and night to no work to some work. When I went to no work, I was so sure that I would start doing the things I loved. I can tell you this: it’s not just a matter of more time.

All the stuff you wish you could make time for now doesn’t suddenly come into the foreground when you do have spare time. You might not believe me.

Last time someone cancelled on you, what did you do instead? Did you do something exceptional?

I used to finish the day pretty brain dead and want nothing more than to scroll through a few feeds, read a few articles, watch a few videos and eat. So guess what I ended up doing when I had even more idle time?

It’s like my brain accessed every time if had spare moments and created a protocol for it.

There is nothing wrong with what you’re doing now (ie. reading this) being more important to you than talking to an old friend or writing that proposal or sleeping or exercising or anything else you could be doing. But understand that that’s the trade off you’re making. There’s always a trade off you’re when you do anything.

When I finish posting this, I’ll sleep. That’s me saying that sleep is moreimportant than writing another article. I’ll make that trade off. I won’t say I’m too busy to write another article. I’m ok with it. It’s important to me.

The truth is, if you can’t make time for it in the hustle of usual life, it will only ever be an occasional thing or a someday thing or a someone else thing.

It’s ok if the hustle is more important, but make that trade off on purpose rather than by default.

Agree? Disagree? Got an example?

I would love to hear your thoughts.