Simpler taste

I try to be a connoisseur of the mundane, the every day.
On a good day, it’s a joy it is to savour what’s available to me today: this pen on this book, this cup of coffee.

Photo by: Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I thought I hated movies for cutting out the mess of life. Then I realised we love clarity.
I read a novel that was more realistic. Awfully messy. Unresolved in places. Uncomfortable…but I suppose that this is life. The novel was a bestseller.

When you you eat less sugar, you enjoy a little sugar in anything. When you eat too much sugar, everything but the sweetest foods taste bland.
The same is true for any other kind of sugar: infatuation, excitement, intensity, speed.

So what if we cultivated a simpler taste?
The bite of an apple could be pure ecstacy.
A smile from the person across the street could warm our heart.
The sunset could be thrilling.
A shower might feel like the whole universe.
Even a raindrop running down a leaf could be heart-breaking.

Photo Credits: Mark Olsen on Unsplash